© KittyGirl, the alley cat

Not all kitties have lived a happy, safe and well-loved life such as this fine kitty looking into this aquarium.

One cold morning in February, in an alley behind a grocery store in a large city, there was born a girl kitty. Her mother fed and washed her daily and taught her to catch mice and insects.

She also taught her how to play and fight by rolling the kitty on her back and biting her on the stomach.  The mother cat demonstrated how to catch a goldfish.

The mother cat would dance as the kitty watched and wagged her tail.

Sometimes the kitty would climb into empty boxes and stick her tiny paws through the cracks. 

One day a lady came along and saw this cute little kitty and decided to take it home to her daughter as a pet. She put the kitty in a basket and placed the basket down in the living room of her home. The kitty peeked out of the basket.

The little girl played with the kitty. This made the kitty very happy. 

The little girl gave the kitty tuna fish and water every day. For a long time the kitty had nothing to worry about.

Late one afternoon the little girl’s father asked about the kitty. Was she a boy or a girl. The mother told him that the kitty was a "she". The father pointed a finger at the door and said, “I'm so sorry, but she will have to go back where she was found because we don’t need a girl kitty. She’ll have unwanted kittens. Just look at her! She has fleas!”

The kitty was quickly put into a box and delivered back to the alley behind the grocery store where she was born. The kitty ran to the front of the store looking for the little girl. It was raining. She had to dodge cars and hide from all of the people pushing baskets in the parking lot. 

She ran behind the store and jumped back into the box. It wasn't very dry. She continued to get wet. She spotted her mother in a paper sack but her mother did not recognize the kitty because her fur was all sticking out all over from the rain.

She saw people going in the store and coming out with food. It seemed like the wise thing to do so she darted through the open door of the grocery pitter-pattered down one of the aisles of canned food.

There was a cat lover named Cheryl standing in the check-out line to pay for her groceries. The kitty nearly knocked Cheryl down. Cheryl just turned and ran with the kitty to see what she was about to do. 

When Cheryl finally caught up with the kitty she came to a dead halt. The kitty was reading the label on a can of tuna fish. Yes, it was truly a can of tuna fish. There she found the kitty making the climb up on the bottom shelf where the tuna fish was stacked in rows.

Cheryl asked the kitty, “Are you sure that is the brand you like?” Then she picked up the kitty and two cans of tuna fish and returned to pay the cashier. She listened to see if the kitty was purring. She was purring. 

Other shoppers in the store gave a sigh of relief when they saw Cheryl come back with the kitty and some tuna fish. “Please say that you are going to keep that kitty!” Someone pleaded. Another store customer used an even more pursuasive comment. "It was destiny for you to have that kitty," he said. Cheryl checked to see if the kitty was a boy or a girl. Then she smiled and said, “Her name will be KittyGirl.”

Someone came running with a box to carry the kitty. Cheryl put KittyGirl into a box and took her to the car. Once inside she petted KittyGirl again. Then she took her to her sister's home where she was living also. She gave KittyGirl her dinner and then let KittyGirl chose her own place to take a nap.

Cheryl's sister whose name was Joyce came home and saw KittyGirl and said, "No kitties!" But KittyGirl charmed Joyce and chose to sleep on her bed.

KittyGirl dreamed in color. 

She dreamed that all the cats of the world were smiling and happy.

She slept very well.

Joyce grew attached to KittyGirl and started calling her "Turkey Pot Pie". One day Joyce went out of town. KittyGirl grew thin from worrying if Joyce would return. Cheryl fed KittyGirl and tried to take Joyce's place in her life. She had to spend a lot of time with KittyGirl so she could gain her weight back. Joyce called everyday to see how her "Turkey Pot Pie" was doing. 

Joyce stayed away for two months and when she came home KittyGirl had changed into a grown beautiful blue tabby.

Now KittyGirl has been to the vet and has been spayed. She is the proud owner of two loving and prosperous animal lovers.

Cheryl was transferred to another city to work but still visited KittyGirl. KittyGirl ran straight to Cheryl every time she came home.  Then Joyce and KittyGirl went to live at a house that people referred to as, Christmas on Springfield Cove.  KittyGirl was a popular attraction there.  She slept on a Christmas display table in front of the living room window. People took pictures of KittyGirl sleeping with animated characters.


                                             And Cheryl was transferred back home to live with KittyGirl and Joyce.

KittyGirl has earned the most beautiful cat award for being such a popular and intelligent feline. Her award is shown here. 



KittyGirl would like to make a public statement to all.



Animal lovers please remind your cat loving friends!
Ask your local shelter about Identity chips.

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Leon the Chameleon

KittyGirl lived as an indoor/outdoor pet for 15 years. She lives today in the hearts of all who knew her.